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Literacy classesIn 2007 preparations were made for a new project to be started in the El Hajeb province. Some of the statistics for the two districts where Agrinas works in El Hajeb are given below:

  • Some 40% of the people live below the poverty line;
  • Over 60% of all men and 80% of all women are illiterate;
  • Less than 70% of children aged 6-11 attend school.

The project goal is to empower the members of 2 to 3 communities per year to become responsible and efficient agents of their own development, be organised socially and be connected to existing development programmes

The project is designed to lead each targeted village into a two-year programme. The first year is dedicated to basic training: awareness on development principles, literacy classes, health lessons for women and agricultural training for men.

The focus of the second year is more on the setting up of and / or strengthening of the local (village) development associations, and helping the population to find new income generating activities. The goal is that the village will be able, at the end of theses two years, to take care of their own development, thanks to the training provided and to the local association established and empowered.

This programme will be for three years, 2008-2010 and is jointly financed by:GHNI

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