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Kaart Albanië/Map AlbaniaAlbanië/AlbaniaIn 1991 Agrinas was requested to become involved in the rebuilding of Albania, especially in the district of Pogradec. In 1992 a first visit was made and a start was made with the first project.

Since 1994 Agrinas has an office in the city of Pogradec and in 1998 the work starts in the Kolonjë district.

Since January 1, 2000, Agrinas Albania has become an independent Albanian foundation with a local board. The head office is in Pogradec and there is a second office in Erseka (the Kolonjë district).


Also in the mountain area of Mokra (Pogradec district) is the autonomous farmers association 'Elia'. This association came into existence through the Agrinas projects and is carrying out many of the Agrinas activities.


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