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TeamIn the end of 1999 Agrinas started its first activities in Sanski Most, initially in co-operation with the Dutch based organisation Dorcas Aid International, which had as core activity at that time the reconstruction of houses. Contrary to most of the ongoing relief programmes, Agrinas Bosnia from the start has had as its major objective to improve the structural problems in agriculture that the rural population were facing. Agrinas was registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Dutch humanitarian organization under the name Agrinas-Bosnia.

To ensure the successful establishment of independent and healthy local communities, Agrinas Bosnia has always had the objective to stay long term in BiH. To reach this goal also from the beginning plans were made to change Agrinas Bosnia into a locally managed agricultural development organization. This was accomplished in 2007 when a Bosnian became director of the office. Other (former) staff have taken the positions of director most logoand agronomist of the newly established farmers co-operative AgriSan. For this reason much effort has gone into the training of the Bosnian staff. This is the best way to ensure that local people will be able to help develop rural communities in their own area, otherwise this would be much harder to achieve.

In 2010 Agrinas-Bosnia was re-registered as a Bosnian organisation and is called Fondacija Most (Most Foundation) since. "Most" means "Bridge" in the local language.

In 2012 Fondacija Most was closed. The co-operative AgriSan and the vegetable growers association Povrtlar are still playing an important role in the agricultural development of Sanski Most.



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