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In 2001 Agrinas Bosnia started working with some local farmers to start up a farmers' co-operative. The goal was to link individual farmers together so they could sell / buy / trade their inputs and produce on the market together. Because one of the main missing links since the fall of the Socialist system in the agriculture sector is that farmers have no control over their situation and now are dependent on strong individual initiatives, but these do not always work for the best interest of the farmers.

ImageThe start of this co-operative has been a slow and laborious process during which it became clear that also the leader of these farmers showed to only work for his own interests. The first plan of starting French fries production failed because of the changing market situation and higher than expected production costs.But the issue remains the same and the local co-operative is really needed. Later under new leadership the word spread that the co-operative 'AgriSan' had started and slowly more and more people are doing business with it.


Activities initially started with successfully selling ware potatoes and some triticale seeds (also an off-shoot of an Agrinas Bosnia project). In 2005 "AgriSan" started new activities that resulted in the following results:

  • ImageAn agricultural store was opened to supply farmers with cheaper and locally hard to find supplies: seeds, fertilizers, protection materials and many others
  • Supply seeds and other inputs on credit to cooperating farmers to grow various crops
  • Market some vegetables to stores and factories on behalf of these farmers
  • Some agricultural machines are obtained that farmers can rent
  • The cooperative has its own board, management and staff and about 50 members and has plans for further regional development.

In 2009 the start was made with building a number of(tunnel)glass houses just outside of Sanski Most on land bought by the co-operative. In 2014 the acreage under glass / plastic was some 3.000 m². Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and watermelons are being produced.

This project has been jointly financed by:ICCO Geneva GlobalLe Rucher Ministries

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