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CountrysideAgrinas cooperates together with the Kairos Agricultural Programme in the district of Yangqu (170.000 inhabitants) which is part of the Shanxi province. This is one of the more left behind provinces of China’s rural areas. The average size of a farm is 0.5-1 hectare, of which 0.07 hectare is irrigated. Only the richer farmers own a tractor, the others work mainly with mules. The economic growth is slowly trickling in to a part of the farmers, so that there can be more mechanization.

The average annual precipitation is about 400 mm. which makes Yangqu a semi-arid area. The lack of water is the most significant factor prohibiting higher agricultural production on the fertile loess plateau.

On irrigated fields mostly vegetables are being grown, on dry land crops like millet, sorghum, corn (maize), soybeans, sunflowers and castor are grown. Most families keep one cow at the most and besides that a few pigs, goats or sheep and chickens.



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