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One of the ways for a farmer to generate more income from his crops is to add value to the crops he has grown. Agro-processing has exciting potential in this area. Examples of possible projects include: a tomato paste factory, a pickling factory, a fruit jam or juicing factory, a packaging and marketing station, etc.

2002 a successful marketing project was set-up to sell vegetables to supermarkets and higher end hotels in Beijing and Taiyuan area. However, due to lack of personnel this project was not continued (see more under vegetable project).

Agri-business development is the ideal way to help farmers in China. It brings direct employment to a number of people, increased and stable income for farmers and long-term stable marketing of their produce.

In 2006 a Cheese making company was set-up to generate more income for farmers of dairy cattle. This project provides training to the small-scale farmers and increase their management systems and skills. Currently this project will aim to process 2000 litres of milk a day. If the marketing and sales are successful, the vision is to establish more cheese making farms near to other major cities in China. In this way, this project can become a blessing for hundreds of people in China using an easy to duplicate/multiply model. The profits of the company are used to expand the business and/or help other projects.



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