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vlag/flagIndonesia has a population of more than 230 million people (2007) and has a surface area of 1.926.000 km² , which makes it more than 56 times as large as The Netherlands. The country consists of many thousands of islands and has hundreds of ethnic groups varying in size from a few thousand people till very large groups like the Javanese (60 million) and the Sundanese (35 million). The most important religion is Islam (85%) followed by Christianity (10%). The capital is Jakarta (10million). The climate is tropical with clearly defined dry and wet seasons (monsoon climate). In some parts of the country like Papua (New Guinea) the rainfall is spread out much more over the year.

In 1945 Indonesia declared independence from The Netherlands after three and a half centuries of Dutch rule. The country is rich in natural resources (minerals, oil, wood, fish), but because of the growing population pressure there are locally, especially on Java, large problems with deforestation and urbanization.

Agrinas Indonesia is registered in Kupang on the Indonesian western part of the island of Timor.Kaart Indonesië/Map Indonesia



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