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Agrinas-IndonesiaAgrinas Indonesia has been registered in 2006 in Kupang (Western Timor) and currently has a Dutch project leader and four local staff. Since the foundation Agrinas Indonesia has a local board.

Agrinas Indonesia focuses on the poor and less developed population in the province of NTT by supporting them in the area of small credits and the setting up of small businesses, including in the area of agriculture and fisheries.

fishing boatsDuring the first year (2007) the programme focused on the construction of small fishing boats and the training of fishermen. The target group consists of a few young underprivileged experienced Timorese fishermen, together with a group of young adult orphans and refugees from East Timor. The goal for the first year (2007) was 12 full time participants.

The office is located close to the sea on the edge of Kupang, where also the housing for the boat building participants is. The boat building activities take place in a space behind the house and the boats can be launched from there.

Future of Agrinas Indonesia
Agrinas Indonesia is still in the early stage. The expectation is that the farmerfishery project can multiply itself in other parts of the country, so underprivileged people from other parts can be given an opportunity also. Besides the fishing sector Agrinas Indonesia wants to focus on agricultural development for small farmers and other aspects of rural development like the improvement of drinking water.



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