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Agrinas' first Asian branch office was opened in Kyzylorda, Kazakstan in June 2000. Kyzylorda is the administrative center of Kyzylorda oblast. Its location is strategic, in the heart of the oblast and bordering on the largest irrigation scheme of the oblast. Agrinas Kazakstan has developed activities in the rural area of Kyzylorda oblast.

Water loss for the Aral SeaTwenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union Kazakstan is still struggling economically with the sudden transition. Some have benefited from the changes that took place, others haven't. Agrinas Kazakstan supported farmers and rural communities in Kyzylorda oblast in the process of socio-economic development.

In a document, titled "The Aral Sea Region Development and Humanitarian Assistance Programme" (1997) the oblast akimat has set a priority list for economic development activities in Kyzylorda oblast. It ranked Water, Health and Work as the most important needs.

In accordance with this, Agrinas was able to assist local communities in dealing with needs in the area of:

  • rural drinking water supply; for example by drilling wells and installing desalination equipment
  • hygiene as related to water and sanitation
  • income generation by agriculture; by helping farmers technically and by giving adviceIncome generation

Southwest Kazakstan has been plagued by enormous man induced environmental problems such as the disappearing of the Aral Sea, the salinization of soils and pollution of water resources. Operating in the heart of this area Agrinas was committed to good stewardship of natural resources. Furthermore the projects implemented by Agrinas were characterized by financial and economical feasibility.

ParticipationAgrinas supported local initiatives and involved farmers and other beneficiaries in all stages of the project cycle. Participation was key in any of the project activities.

At the end of 2013 Agrinas-Kazakstan officially ceased to exist. The micro-credit organisation that originated from Agrinas, is continuing to support the (rural) population in it's further development.



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