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Harvest The vegetable project was started in 2002 with the purpose of extra income generation through agriculture, by helping farmers technically, making inputs better available and by giving advice. The project is made up of four components: agricultural extension, a credit component, mechanisation and making available of inputs, seed being the most important of these.
  • DemoExtension and demofield: As part of the extension programme demonstration fields are laid out. The emphasis with irrigation is on of drip irrigation. Different varieties of tomatoes are grown, furthermore different varieties of cucumber and cabbage, as well as various other types of vegetables and melons. Farmers are invited to visit the demofield in order to get acquainted with the various new varieties.

    VisitAs a result of the visit of the mayor to the demofield in 2002, a request for land was positively conceded: Agrinas received 15 hectares of land on a lease contract. This area turned out to be big enough not only for demonstration purposes, but part of the land could be sub-rented out to a number of landless small peasants. A total of nine small farmers lived on or near the land with an average land area of 0.86 hectares per family.
  • Credit programme: Credits are made available to participating farmers and a seed trader. The amount of the credit depends on the number of years that a farmer had taken part in the programme, where starters are entitled to the lowest credit. Credits are given in kind (seed, fertiliser, etcetera). The pay back rate is over 90%. All farmers that take part in the credit programme are coached intensively during all phases of the growing season, including the planning stage and the marketing of their products.
  • Mechanisation: This has been limited to the purchase of irrigation pumps with accessories and a tractor with implements.
  • CabbageSupplying seed: During 2003 the seed sales were handed over. One of the farmers who had already participated in the credit programme in 2002, got an opportunity to further develop the seed sales in an independent firm. Partly as a result of successful P.R. through the local television and newspapers, this became a success. Agrinas also assisted in the purchase of fertilisers for the participating farmers.

The project was financed jointly by ICCO (in co-operation with Prisma), Cedar Fund and various smaller donations.ICCO Prisma Tearfund



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