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old situation/ oude situatieThis village is a traditional Kazakh village. Most living there are farmers or herdsman, some work for the railroad, school or village clinic. However, most are underemployed and for that reason many are poor. Unlike the village in Kargaly, Biagakhum continues to operate its original water system. It was because of that system that Agrinas came to be involved.


Some of the problems included a collapsing village well (94 m), corroded junctions of the water system, transformer problems at the site of the well, non-existent management oversight in the daily operation and maintenance of the system, poor water-user fee collection, and a village school (550 students) without water.

New valve

Presently about 30 junctions (manholes) have been replaced with plastic fittings, casing in the deep well was replaced and a new submersible pump was installed, the transformer was fixed to supply reliable power to the pump, a new water system in the school was installed, and capacity building was conducted.

book keepingThe capacity building consisted of training of locals in repair and installation of the newer components of the village water system, repair and operation of the school water system, and management training for the new village water company.


Coaching for the local water company was conducted to build up its ability to function in the absence of Agrinas. Villagers were encouraged to pay their water fees. The spring of 2009 will see the last of the work on this project completed.

This project was jointly financed by ICCO (via Prisma) and donations of individuals.


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