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The first step was setting up of a training center for pig raising. This center helps local farmers develop more efficient, long-term and commercially viable operations.

Breeding Pig It provides basic training in pig raising skills, and act as a low cost extension service to farmers. Formerly, there was nowhere for farmers to get accurate information on pig raising, training to manage a small-scale operation or to improve their management skills. Many farmers have had no formal education. They are not trained to understand prevention, sanitation, recognition of diseases, breed improvement, feeding, or production planning, all of which is needed in order to have a long-term commercially viable operation.

The pig raising center also serves as a demonstration unit for setting up small-scale pig raising enterprises. The raising of pigs will have a major contribution to the farmers' income and will help them break out of the cycle of poverty.

Pig TrainingThe services provided by the pig raising center include:

  • training of farmers in pig raising;
  • training in financial management;
  • supporting farmers in further pig raising development;
  • improving the local breeds of pigs by importing better breeds from other areas;
  • providing extension services to farmers who have been trained or are looking for assistance;
  • being a resource center for the farmers, e.g. providing books, videos, and magazines.


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