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kleuterschoolProject details include bringing water to about 14 sinks, some of which are only 50 cm off of the floor for the children. Two showers were resupplied with water. The showers and sinks received new taps. Two water heaters were also installed near the sinks. New plastic pipes replaced the old rusted iron pipes and three small plastic (1000 l) reservoirs have been installed on the second floor for water storage. Pumps have been installed to fill the reservoirs and to bring water to the second floor if needed. Finally, drain pipes are now connecting the sinks to a small leachfield outside and a connection was made to the street for water supply.

wasbakkenIn order to address the issue of sustainability, Agrinas and the kindergarten staff have agreed that Agrinas will supply materials and know-how, but that all the labor would be performed by the kindergarten staff or village citizens. The staff received training in the following areas; connecting pipes, digging trenches, wiring the water heaters and pumps, and the daily maintenance of the system.



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