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Water sampleAgrinas Kazakhstan operates a fully equipped water laboratory for accurate, reliable and state-of-the-art water analysis.

Both drinking water and agricultural water are tested in this lab. Water samples can be tested for micro-biological and a wide range of chemical substances.

In 2003 with the help of private

water samples donations a.o. a portable incubator for bacteriological testing was purchased.

WaterlabThe two most common and useful tests Agrinas Kazakhstan performs are the Total Coliform and Fecal Coliform enumeration tests, using the "multiple tube fermentation" method. They help us to understand if a water system is exposed to soils near the ground surface - i.e.. through holes in pipes, and to what extent contamination has occurred from wastes from the intestines of animals or people.

If we are concerned with the suitability of using shallow groundwater for drinking, nitrate testing using the cadmium-reduction method may reveal possible links with village pit latrines. Or testing the water's electrical conductance may also point out a poor source of water if the sample contains elevated levels of dissolved salts.



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